Project Based Learning

At Open Air Art Space, students register for the number of classes they will take each month and have the freedom to choose which days and class times work best for them.  OAAS offers two different types of art classes to help individuals reach their goals of producing high quality artwork.  

Weekly Classes are currently offered

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays: 1pm-4pm

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Foundational Skills Series

For those new to creating artwork, or for those who want to further develop specific foundational skills, OAAS offers the Foundational Skills Series.  With these classes, artists progress through a series of projects at their own pace that are designed to teach the foundational aspects of visual art.  Students acquire the ability to see and understand shape, proportion, light on form, value relationships, and color theory and application.  Students are taught in a one-on-one fashion and receive feedback and critique throughout each three hour long class.

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Self-directed Projects

Artists are welcome to bring in and receive direction on projects they are working on.  In this format, artists receive valuable information on preparing, executing and finishing projects.  Concepts including composition, lighting, color theory application, taking reference photos, technical use of media and preserving artwork are available to the artist.  This is a great way to improve while creating the artwork that you want to create.  Students are taught in a one-on-one fashion and receive feedback, direction and critique throughout each three hour long class.

Class tuition is based on monthly attendance.  Monthly tuition rates are as follows: 1-4 classes- $55 per class, 5-9 classes-$50 per class, and 10 or more classes- $45 per class.  All classes are taught in an atilier-style format with one-on-one instruction.  Classes must be used within the month that they are purchased.