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THE ART OF RUST AND WAX: Encaustic and rust prints

  • Open Air Art Space 3070 Rasmussen Road Park City, UT, 84098 United States (map)

THE ART of RUST AND WAX: Encaustic and Rust Prints

By Doug Smith and Danny Setjo

July 15-16, 2017, 9 AM – 5 PM


In this workshop, artists will experience two rare art forms brought together to combine in the creation of some very unique pieces of finished art. We will explore a primitive form of printing, utilizing pieces of iron, berries, sea salt and print making paper, to create rust prints. These prints will form the base layer of encaustic paintings. The encaustic portion will combine layering techniques that will accentuate the designs and forms of the rust prints. All previously learned techniques of mark making, blocking, layering of transparent layers, accretion, transfers, excavating, oil rubs, spot color and more will be used.


Students will be encouraged to focus on compositions that are strategic and simple, yet very effective in developing beautiful finished pieces that are intentional in design and form. The combination of these two art forms is rare and practiced by only a a handful of encaustic artists nationally. 


INSPIRATIONS - See these artists to get a sampling of this kind of work and possibilities, utilizing a combination of these two art forms: Nancy Crawford, Sharon Pazner, Alice Fox, Liz Plummer, Joy Lawson, Daniella Woolf, Elizabeth Rust, Roland Hall, Tom Sargent, Eric Yevak, Pam Nichols, Carol Panaro-Smith, Darlene Charnel.



Students are responsible to bring  2 to 4 cradled art boards 16” x 16” (no larger please) from Blick, blue Frog masking tape from Home Depot, apron, any favorite collected pieces of iron, nails, washers, wire, rusted cans, anything metal and rusty.

Note: boards can be ordered online from or through Amazon on Blick, for home delivery. Allow 2-7 days.


Items to be furnished in class:  PVA glue, brushes, cutting tools, some rusted metal pieces, printmaking paper, some metal pieces, steel wool, encaustic medium, torches, heat guns, scraping and marking tools, oil rub, hotplates, colored papers, ink, brayers, some photocopies for transfers, other encaustic tools.


This class will be fast moving and challenging. Think clean, think modern. We anticipate some really great pieces of art to come from this workshop! It should be fun. Looking forward to seeing you there!