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2-Day Encaustic Workshop with Doug Smith & Danny Setjo

  • Open Air Art Space 3070 Rasmussen Road Park City, UT, 84098 United States (map)

Mixed Media Encaustic – The use of encaustic and photography

Saturday & Sunday, June 3rd & 4th, 9am-4pm

In this workshop, attendees are invited to bring personal photographs of various backgrounds or other features of interest either by cellphone or camera. Photos should be printed on normal photocopy paper ( not glossy ) in black and white or color. Photos will be used as part of each piece in feature areas, or as backgrounds to the painting. Encaustic will be applied and layered over the photography, utilizing traditional encaustic techniques. Focus will be on transparent layering, mark making, etching and use of color rubs and features, and transfer, to accentuate the overall piece.

By the end of the two day workshop, attendees will have 2-4 pieces that are 12”x12” of finished artwork. Day one will focus on basic composition and creation of backgrounds. Thoughtful attention will be given to the mechanics of how each piece will be layered to completion. Day 2 will focus encaustic application and techniques. All previous workshop techniques will be used.

The end goal of this workshop is to have attendees learn to find unusual and interesting patterns in photography, looking at natural and manmade elements, textures, color and shadows mixed with the rich layering that only encaustic can provide. Students are encouraged to thoughtfully photograph elements of interest that can be used in their paintings. Elements from magazine photography can also be used to supplement the student’s photography.

IMPORTANT - Student to bring: 2- 4 ‘cradled’ art boards 12”x 12” from Blick in Salt Lake ( no bigger please ), 1 roll blue frog tape from Home Depot, 15-20 photocopies of student’s own photography ( color or B&W), miscellaneous magazines to cut up for color and pattern, black and white photocopies to be transferred.

Items to be supplied by instructor: PVA glue, brushes, cutting tools, encaustic mediums, mark making tools, paint, markers, hotplates, pans, dye, torches, heat guns, and some papers and transfer copies.

INSPIRATIONS:  The following artists may be of interest to students prior to this workshop – Lynn Belisle, Penny Treese, Jim Sincock, Leah MacDonald, Jeff League, Randy Purcell, Robert Medina Cook, Linda Plaisted. These are all good examples of mixed media encaustic with photography. We’re excited to tackle this process together! This will be a very inspiring workshop!

See you there!

Doug Smith / Danny Setjo