Nov 18-19th, Creative Therapy- Encaustic Workshop
11:00 AM11:00

Nov 18-19th, Creative Therapy- Encaustic Workshop


November 18-19, Saturday/Sunday, 9AM – 4PM

Creative Therapy - Encaustic Workshop: Beginner and Intermediate Level

Encaustic art is the oldest and most primitive form of painting, yet has emerged as a fresh art form in current culture. It combines natural beeswax, tree resin, pigment and flame with inks, oils, papers, textiles, carving, marking and layering in a unique, challenging way. Each painting emerges as a unique piece of art that has a natural luminescence. This medium is challenging and therapeutic in creativity.

Cost: $450.00, includes all materials except art boards (not canvas)

Students to bring: 2-4 hard surface cradled boards ( online, or Blick store Salt Lake) or any hard surface masonite type board. Max size 12”x12”.  Students to also bring: apron, lunch and beverage.

Workshop Focus: This workshop will focus on basic encaustic techniques, including board preparation, layering of wax, additive techniques, excavative techniques, transfers, image layering, and composition. The workshop will be full of learning and ideas for both beginners and intermediate students. papers, textiles, carving, marking and layering in a unique, challenging way. Each painting emerges as a unique piece of art that has a natural luminescence. Each student will have a significant amount of one-on-one instruction and assistance.  Some new techniques will be discussed for intermediate students, while improving capabilities in basic techniques. The class will be creative and challenging for all levels of students. Beginners are welcomed! Class size 6-8 students. 


Supplemental Ideas: Prior to workshop, students are asked to search online:  “encaustic artwork” or “encaustic artists” for exposure to types of art, techniques, and possibilities. Students are encouraged to come to class with ideas for personal expression in this medium. 

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Painting the Dynamic Still Life
to Sep 24

Painting the Dynamic Still Life

Painting the Dynamic Still Life

Open Air Art Space

Instructor: Sarah Sedwick

3 days, 9 am - 4 pm

Join Oregon artist Sarah Sedwick on her first visit to Open Air Art Space, and discover how much fun still life painting can be! Simple, colorful arrangements are a great way to hone your artistic vision, delve into color, composition, and brushwork, and make painting fun and accessible for everyone.

During this three-day workshop, we will focus on the essentials of realistic painting from life, while keeping our brushwork loose and painterly. We’ll explore fundamentals of color mixing using Sarah’s simple palette of ten colors, and address composition and still life setup, learning to look at traditional subjects in a new way.

A combination of demonstrations, short exercises, and longer-duration paintings will familiarize you with Sarah’s approach to the still life. Instruction will be in oils, and students are encouraged to use them in class, but acrylics are also welcome. Water-soluble oils are not recommended. Beginning to advanced artists welcome.

Instructor Bio

Sarah Sedwick was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and has lived in Eugene Oregon since 2007. In 2001, she earned a BFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art. Her oil paintings and graphite drawings celebrate the simple beauty of everyday objects, and are most often inspired by color combinations and perceptual effects. All are painted from life.

Sarah teaches workshops on alla prima still life, portrait, and figure painting, as well as private lessons and an online art mentorship program. She is represented by Brackenwood Gallery Fine Arts, in Langley, Washington.

Facebook and Instagram are great ways to follow Sarah’s work!

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The Anatomy of the Portrait
10:00 AM10:00

The Anatomy of the Portrait

Join instructor Brock Alius at Open Air Art Space for this fun and informative 1-day workshop on portraiture and human anatomy.  Brock will be covering all you need to know to fully understand the structure of the head and face to take your portrait drawing and painting to the next level.  

This workshop will cover anatomy through a presentation and then allow you to apply this knowledge by creating a portrait.  

Class size is limited so register today!

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Style Through Fundamentals
to Jul 30

Style Through Fundamentals

July 29th & 30th, 9am-4pm

Join David Riley for this 2-day workshop that expounds on the fundamentals of art and pushes vision to style.  Students will paint a large scale animal portrait in two days to learn how to mass shape, vary value, control edges and create visual interest through paint application.

Class size in limited to 8 students.

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THE ART OF RUST AND WAX: Encaustic and rust prints
to Jul 16

THE ART OF RUST AND WAX: Encaustic and rust prints

THE ART of RUST AND WAX: Encaustic and Rust Prints

By Doug Smith and Danny Setjo

July 15-16, 2017, 9 AM – 5 PM


In this workshop, artists will experience two rare art forms brought together to combine in the creation of some very unique pieces of finished art. We will explore a primitive form of printing, utilizing pieces of iron, berries, sea salt and print making paper, to create rust prints. These prints will form the base layer of encaustic paintings. The encaustic portion will combine layering techniques that will accentuate the designs and forms of the rust prints. All previously learned techniques of mark making, blocking, layering of transparent layers, accretion, transfers, excavating, oil rubs, spot color and more will be used.


Students will be encouraged to focus on compositions that are strategic and simple, yet very effective in developing beautiful finished pieces that are intentional in design and form. The combination of these two art forms is rare and practiced by only a a handful of encaustic artists nationally. 


INSPIRATIONS - See these artists to get a sampling of this kind of work and possibilities, utilizing a combination of these two art forms: Nancy Crawford, Sharon Pazner, Alice Fox, Liz Plummer, Joy Lawson, Daniella Woolf, Elizabeth Rust, Roland Hall, Tom Sargent, Eric Yevak, Pam Nichols, Carol Panaro-Smith, Darlene Charnel.



Students are responsible to bring  2 to 4 cradled art boards 16” x 16” (no larger please) from Blick, blue Frog masking tape from Home Depot, apron, any favorite collected pieces of iron, nails, washers, wire, rusted cans, anything metal and rusty.

Note: boards can be ordered online from or through Amazon on Blick, for home delivery. Allow 2-7 days.


Items to be furnished in class:  PVA glue, brushes, cutting tools, some rusted metal pieces, printmaking paper, some metal pieces, steel wool, encaustic medium, torches, heat guns, scraping and marking tools, oil rub, hotplates, colored papers, ink, brayers, some photocopies for transfers, other encaustic tools.


This class will be fast moving and challenging. Think clean, think modern. We anticipate some really great pieces of art to come from this workshop! It should be fun. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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2-Day Encaustic Workshop with Doug Smith & Danny Setjo
to Jun 4

2-Day Encaustic Workshop with Doug Smith & Danny Setjo

Mixed Media Encaustic – The use of encaustic and photography

Saturday & Sunday, June 3rd & 4th, 9am-4pm

In this workshop, attendees are invited to bring personal photographs of various backgrounds or other features of interest either by cellphone or camera. Photos should be printed on normal photocopy paper ( not glossy ) in black and white or color. Photos will be used as part of each piece in feature areas, or as backgrounds to the painting. Encaustic will be applied and layered over the photography, utilizing traditional encaustic techniques. Focus will be on transparent layering, mark making, etching and use of color rubs and features, and transfer, to accentuate the overall piece.

By the end of the two day workshop, attendees will have 2-4 pieces that are 12”x12” of finished artwork. Day one will focus on basic composition and creation of backgrounds. Thoughtful attention will be given to the mechanics of how each piece will be layered to completion. Day 2 will focus encaustic application and techniques. All previous workshop techniques will be used.

The end goal of this workshop is to have attendees learn to find unusual and interesting patterns in photography, looking at natural and manmade elements, textures, color and shadows mixed with the rich layering that only encaustic can provide. Students are encouraged to thoughtfully photograph elements of interest that can be used in their paintings. Elements from magazine photography can also be used to supplement the student’s photography.

IMPORTANT - Student to bring: 2- 4 ‘cradled’ art boards 12”x 12” from Blick in Salt Lake ( no bigger please ), 1 roll blue frog tape from Home Depot, 15-20 photocopies of student’s own photography ( color or B&W), miscellaneous magazines to cut up for color and pattern, black and white photocopies to be transferred.

Items to be supplied by instructor: PVA glue, brushes, cutting tools, encaustic mediums, mark making tools, paint, markers, hotplates, pans, dye, torches, heat guns, and some papers and transfer copies.

INSPIRATIONS:  The following artists may be of interest to students prior to this workshop – Lynn Belisle, Penny Treese, Jim Sincock, Leah MacDonald, Jeff League, Randy Purcell, Robert Medina Cook, Linda Plaisted. These are all good examples of mixed media encaustic with photography. We’re excited to tackle this process together! This will be a very inspiring workshop!

See you there!

Doug Smith / Danny Setjo



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